Projects & Achievements

At Hope Guatemala we are involved in many differing projects in Guatemala each year. These projects vary from year to year and are dependent on the most urgent needs of the communities most in need. We pride ourselves on providing the funding for these projects and also enabling the locals in the communities to carry out the work themselves as this provides much needed employment in the local regions.

This being said, we also have ongoing projects which we provide year on year. These are the following:

  • Feeding 50 children twice a day in the nutrition centre Cerne in Chimaltenango.
  • The employment of the Doctor Edwin Rojos.
  • Bus transport to school for children for higher education.
  • Providing fees for the schooling of 50-70 children and young people.
  • We continuously provide emergency aid for regions effected by natural disasters like landslides, volcano eruptions and Hurricanes
  • Read the history of Hope Guatemala Here

    - "Casa de salud " house of health in the community of San Pedro.(near the border to el Salvador). From here midwifes can work and can also be trained.

    Download presentation on Midwives project, here

    Development work inthe community of Vijolom III, Nebaj/Quiche, which included:
    • Extending of school, bulding of health centre
    • Reforestesting, 50 ecofilter, supervision in agriculture
    • 50 stoves, toilets, seedbank, veg. gardens and more

    Download Hope Guatemala's planned projects document, here

    - CERNE nutrition centre in Chimaltenango Here we supply 2 meals / day for 50 children and maintain the employment of Dr. Edwin Rojas (Asecsa)

    - We provide grants/scholarship for 50 children of poorest families in Alta Verapaz and Sacatepeques (SEFCA). We now provide training for trades through SEFCA also. The number of young people who receive our help is constantly growing.

    La Violencia: The Untold Truths of Guatemala was directed by Pia Janning and Til Frohlich and it documents the lives of the indigenous Mayan women of Guatemala.
    Guatemala is explored from its violent history to its current fragile state, through the personal stories of indigenous women and activists and narrated by Aidan Gillen. Guatemala's armed conflict tore the country apart for 36 years, claiming the lives of over 200,000 women, men and children.
    In 2013 Guatemala became the first country in history to put its former head on state on trial for genocide in a domestic court. The accused is General Rios Montt, who ruled the country during the most brutal period of the conflict, known as La Violencia. The trial has been marred be outside pressure from the powerful elite and has pushed the justice system to its limits.

    Our book is on sale for 10euro and all money goes to the charity. This book gives details of the everyday lives of the children who we help in Chimaltenango and gives and overview of what we do. It also gives an insight into the culture and stories of the region as told by the children themselves.

    This play by Mr. Turner's Travelling Theatre tells the tale of how all cultures are connected and the importance of talking to each other about what is bothering us. It connects stories, history and legends from Ireland to those in Guatemala and adopts a one world mentality. This play taps into our Children for Children Ethos which we also adopt through our schools programme. As well as raising awareness, the proceeds from the play go to Hope Guatemala.

    • 2005 Founding of Hope Guatemala (Ireland) and sister charity Nuevo Dia (Germany) Autumn 2005 Hurricane Stan hits Guatemala destroying villages and killing hundreds of people
    • 2006 Emergency food and water support for 500 people over a number of months, Purchase of seeds and livestock and reconstruction of an agricultural cooperative. 2006 Reconstruction of 17 houses in the province of San Marcos. 2006 Supply of medicine and medical equipment for a health centre in San Pedro Charcha.
    • 2007 Construction of a typewriting school in the village of Raxnam. Employment of a teacher and the provision of school sponsorships for children.
    • 2008 Máire Ruiséal visits Raxnam and meets the families and children benefiting from the school sponsorship programme.
    • 2009 Construction of water storage tanks and extension of the school sponsorship programme to other communities.
    • 2010 Building of a Community Centre in Raxnam, The new Community Centre, built in 2010, will be used for educational and recreational purposes, also providing the accommodation for eco tourism. It took just 4 weeks to build, with a gargantuan effort from the men, women and children of Raxnam. A logistical nightmare as all the materials had to be carried by hand up the mountain. No machinery was used and all the building sand had to be hand riddled from the river bed.
    • 2010/2011 Re-construction of 4 houses destroyed by the landslides.
    • 2011 Completion of water storage tanks. A total of 80 tanks were built in a number of communities between 2009-2011. Fresh water had to be fetched from a well 3Km away and 6m below ground. Water levels were declining and there was hardly enough water for daily use. The first water storage tanks were built for each household to collect water in the rain season in 2008. A total of 80 water storage tanks were built in 2009, this project was completed in 2011.
    • 2011/2012 Financial support for the children's health, education and nutrition centre

    Partner Organisation in Germany