Hope Guatemala is a small Irish registered charity that has been active at a grassroots level in Guatemala. The organisation is comprised of volunteers only, with no management or administration costs. Activities are funded solely through the efforts of volunteers and there is no International Organisation or Government funding involved.

To raise awareness and understanding of the problems in Guatemala and to provide financial assistance to aid development and support for the relief of poverty.

  1. to feed 50 children twice a day and pay the doctor's salary In CERNE
  2. to supply grants and scholarship for children
  3. to employ teachers
  4. to educate women
  5. to train women in natural and preventative medicine
  6. to supply medicine and medical equipment
  7. to support the building of schools
  8. to build water storage tanks
  9. to provide technical training in land cultivation
  10. to purchase land to grow vegetables

Hope Guatemala Walk

Annual walk, run, cycle from Dingle to Ventry, followed by music and fun on April 26 2020, at 14:00h

Partner Organisation in Germany